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Nutrition Fundamentals

The path to optimal health begins with:

Sound simple? It is, when you have the information necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. The end result is a program that not only helps control premature aging, but also helps to prevent chronic disease and prolong vitality.

Getting Started

In order to measure your progress, you first need to know your current health status. A variety of health assessments may be performed, including a measurement of your body composition (the ratio of your body fat to your lean muscle mass). Excess body fat can greatly increase your health risks. Conversely, a higher ratio of muscle increases your metabolism and is associated with a lower incidence of illness.

Perhaps the most powerful tool in controlling the aging process and restoring vitality is to improve your muscle-to-fat ratio by adding more muscle to your body. But that doesn’t mean this is a bodybuilding program in the traditional sense of the word. Nutrition and a healthy diet can give you a workout inside your body, requiring only a simple plan of physical activity to help you reach your health goals.

Lifestyle Intelligence™ Components

The path to optimal health begins with:


Lifestyle Intelligence™ Program Schedule

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Week 10:

By committing to this program, you are taking the first step toward better health.